I'm Ben. This is where I take a picture every day, and for no reason show it off to the world.

This is me.


This pointless exercise began back in 2007, in March just as the clocks were changing. I was just about to head off to University and realised that, although I was young, life was already moving at breakneck speed. The last two years of school were a blur. I thought that maybe this would help me take stock, and keep a track of what I do.

It's not helped. I'm older now and I still don't know where the years have gone.

Anyway, have a browse, it's not that interesting though. I'd be doing this if there were no readers, so it's a little dull at times and fairly personal. Also, there were times when I was without internet, or I posted after midnight - that is to say that the dates on the calendar might not match up with the dates in the title. That's life.