It's over, love.

It's time to bring this project to a close.

This occurred to me as I sat down to upload almost a month's worth of pictures for the third or fourth time. I've been taking pictures (a habit that will now never die), yet I just can't find the time to upload them.

I feel like having such a huge backlog every time defeats the object of the whole idea.  This is partly my fault for not making the effort and partly bad luck for running out of easy ways to post (netbook screen is too small... mobile clients no good etc... etc..).

Since 2007, many lovely followers have responded to what I write on here, and it's allowed me to get to know some fantastic people. However as I'm sure you've noticed, I just don't have time to write anything to go with the pictures anymore. This is something that people seem to miss, and so do I. There's more to life than a simple caption.

When I began I was still in school about to sit my A-Levels. This site has been with me since I've been a teenager, and it's going to be very odd not adding to the project anymore. Many people who know me, know me for this.

The site shall remain for a year or so, and I shall continue to spout crap in various places on the internet.

You can find me over at - just a shell site for now, but I'll flesh it out and get a blog set up on there. You can get an archive of the project via bittorrent here.

It's been a long journey, but sadly it's reached its destination. Thanks for being there along the way.

Good night.